I love the fact in this society we live in you are GUILTY before you are proven innocent

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is from a post I wrote on a website http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-205164 which the person who  has done the writing has done nothing but good things for this obvious case of greed that overtook a project that involved consultants, NYC Taxpayers and lot of theft. He seems to know a lot about what went on in at City Time with the detail of everything he knows but the one thing he does not realize is no one is always right.  There are times you can be off base with your opinion. That is why I have been having constant issues with him based on what he thinks my father was and what my father chose. My father was put in a bad position with the powers that be. If he was just a regular consultant on the job he would have never faced any of this scrutiny. It was the people he worked for/under that dragged him into this mess.  Just wait at some point I will be posting a document my father wrote prior to passing away about his job details and some other information that he wrote to defend himself in what he got caught up with.  I know I am his son, I will always believe in his innocence till the day I meet him again, but if I knew the facts that he had millions of dollars then I would not be able to fight for him or defend him and I will feel embarrassed to even think about it.

If a man was caught stealing $1,200,000 dollars from the New York City Taxpayers, would the government give back the money they seized from what you say is a corrupt business account which was what you say “dirty” money.

He did not steal money. That is all I am stating. You want to call him a guilty man for his incompetence to realize what was going on go right ahead.

How about this I will stop posting about his innocence which is something I will believe in with the fact because yes he was my father and I just know we do not have millions of dollars in stolen taxpayers money. I would give it back if we did. I am not a thief. I do not want what is not mine. Plus if he did it, and I knew it I would admit it. I would be embarrassed of what he did, I would not go make a fool out of myself on blogs I just know this is so far from the truth and you just have no facts besides what you “THINK”

Show me the MONEY he stole. He did not steal anything and that is what he got in trouble for correct? Just tell me what he is guilty of if he did not steal anything? Is incompetence a felony these days?

Everyone who is on trial realizes. Scott Berger did not steal any money. There was no money going in his pocket that he did not work for like every other consultant on this project.

A mobster’s son realizes his father is a guilty man because the life he saw with the lavish lifestyle you experience. My father lived a life middle class. He was nothing more or nothing less.

In the past you said the money trail follows my Father’s business account. You say he knows what he did. Do you have any proof? You cannot even say what he did. But he was guilty. He did not have millions of dollars. Would a Man with millions of dollars have a house going belly up?

And last but not least. I am going to be getting a check from the Federal Government for whatever money was left in Scott Berger’s Consulting Company.  My Father’s lawyer said it will be returned but will take time and to be patient.

So I will make sure to get you a copy of this check from the Government. But I bet it will still mean he is as guilty as you say still. I would have to have physical proof to ever say you are wrong and I will never have that, neither will you which is kind of funny.

You keep saying I am wrong and I keep saying you are wrong about SCOTT BERGER not about City Time.  I realize there was corruption. I realize it was a money hole scheme that was run by 9+ individuals but my father was dragged into this which you will never realize.

I am going to take all that money from the Federal Government and buy every shovel @ Wal-Mart and start digging in my back yard for this money you speak of? Are you looking for work? I could use an extra hand and I will have extra shovels.

  1. stimpy says:

    Sorry for the loss of your father. However, I believe that he was knowingly involved in criminal activity.

    • Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about. The reason being is that he got no I’ll gotten gains they people speak of. We don’t have millions and that’s the fact. It is unfortunate that you feel that way but I wish I could explain the truth more. Everyone else was taking huge sums of money, my father was not. He was not a dumb man that many people seem to believe. IF he was involved donT you think he would have gotten just as much as the other criminals. Like I have offered other people, come over and bring some shovels and we can go dig the backyard up, where all this money you speak of

    • Would love to hear your reasoning for this? I know it’s been a while and I have had a while to digest with my fathers passing. I know he was not guilty of stealing the money they said. And since than I think the government found the true crooks involved. But my father stole like you believe he did.

  2. Jonny Walker says:

    He was paid by Mazer’s Creative company and DA solutions. Two seperate payments from two different companies. $1.4 million in total.

    • So your telling me he got two separate payments of $700,000 to equal $1,400,000. I don’t believe it and show me facts to state that as being true. He got paid $1,200,000 from one of Mark Mazer shell companies for his salary of working on the city time project for 5+ years. Those payments came bi-weekly I believe just like any employee would be paid so your just making things up without showing me proof. Their were many consultants who made that kind of salary on the project but were luckily not being paid by one of Mark Mazer’s shell companies.

      There was never any checks in the value of $700,000 given to Scott Berger and until you can prove he took $1,400,000 illegally than shut up. For the record the City sent us a check after taking all of his assets so please explain why they would give him his money back if it was stolen taxpayers dollars?

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